I am a huge fan of companies who create natural makeup as you really can’t do any harm when using them, unlike the chemicals hidden in some of the mainstream brands.
One of my favourite brands is INIKA ORGANIC. I have loved seeing INIKA grow and expand their product range and I can 100% say that it not only goes on well, feels nice on, it has the longevity required for any makeup artist and non-professional to be pleased with and it photographs beautifully too.


Over the years I’ve heard many believe that “natural brands” won’t match up to some of the major brands, but I’ve been using INIKA ORGANIC makeup for years now and I’ve not had one client say anything negative. As a professional, I know what products should be chosen to work best on the each skin type and match the correct shades to compliment the complexion, so this can be a more daunting or even create a negative experience if you haven’t been able to get the right products to match, but after the years I’ve been using INIKA, I cant speak highly enough of it.
logoFor this blog, I wanted to create a more intense bridal look, (I usually focus on “super natural makeup looks”) as I feel there’s a huge portion of brides that believe using a natural makeup won’t achieve an elegant, soft glam bridal look. So I’ve spent time creating this beautiful look on my bridal model, Amanda, using solely one natural makeup range – INIKA ORGANIC.


To create this bridal look on Amanda, here’s the product specifics from the INIKA ORGANICS range –
> Liquid Foundation: (I mixed) Beige & Tan
> Powder: Inspiration
> Eye shadow: Coco Motion & Pink Fetish
> Eye Liner: Black Caviar
> Blush: Peachykeen
> Illuminator: Pressed Illuminator
> Lipstick: Pink Poppy
^false lashes added for lash impact & these photos haven’t been edited, they are as true to colour as you would see in person and taken in natural light not studio lighting.
I truly believe being able to see the products on a persons face, really allows us to visually see how it looks and enables us to gage if those products are the ones you’d like to see in your own kit. So this blog not only shows the INIKA ORGANIC products I used, but it also shows how well it covers, finishes and photographs.