Natural Bridal Wedding Makeup Adelaide – How to get the look

How to get the look?? Find a makeup artist who does just that! Natural looking bridal makeup!

Creating natural looking bridal makeup takes just as much practice as those who see glamour makeup. I’ve spent years beautifying brides throughout Adelaide and the one thing I like to remind my clients is that I want you to be able look back at it after 5, 10, 20, 30 years and you can still say how natural your makeup looked on your wedding day. We often love to “follow” trends and as great as this can be, some trends end up being awful to look back at eg 80’s era springs to mind!!!


Why go natural looking bridal makeup?? Because its classical, captures your features, enhances you enough that you look radiant, fresh and turning heads for the right reason….because you look like you and natural fresh makeup will never go out of fashion when decades pass!!! Why??? Because it looks like you and you’re not trying to replicate the look of a celebrity or image you thought looked super glamourous (which is more likely way too heavy) on Pinterest or from mazagines…which people forget…they are heavily made up, highly edited and needed to sell a look, image or product!!! It’s becoming far too common to “want” to look like “air-brush perfect” and brides end up looking like they’re walking the red carpet instead of their wedding day.

So remember ladies, when booking your bridal wedding makeup, think NATURAL!!! You can’t go wrong, you won’t look back and regret it, your friends and family will recognise you and if you have an amazing makeup artist, they will be able to create draw-dropping natural bridal makeup that still turns heads and makes you feel amazing in the most natural possible version.

Natural makeup doesn’t mean you have less time in the makeup chair…what is removed from the equation is “heavy”.