If you don’t know how to apply makeup, ask a professional to help you!

I recently did had a one-on-one makeup session with a young girl who had never used makeup and said she had no idea how to put it on. After discussing her needs, we started from scratch and I showed her what basic makeup is great to start with and the all important application of the makeup.

I also had a mother in her 50’s who said she was stuck in her ways and always selected the same products for the past 20 years, so she contacted me to help her refresh her makeup kit and update her selection to current and new colours and products that were age appropriate and complimented her skin tone!

I have come across this time & time again where women get into habits of thinking they know what will look good, but frankly it looks horrible on. Often we can like a product just due to colours we gravitate towards, but it doesn’t mean it compliments you!

I get huge satisification knowing I’m helping and that I am able to offer a service that is tailored to suit every individual. If you ever feel lost with makeup, please call me!