Does Inika Makeup Give You A Full Coverage for Bridal Makeup?

Does Natural Makeup Give You A Full Coverage for Bridal Makeup?

The answer is YES!!

There are so many main-stream makeup brands on the market now that natural brands seem to be over looked!! So I wanted to specifically use ONLY natural makeup for my latest photoshoot!

I have been a fan of Inika’s natural makeup range for years, but really wanted to test out the coverage and photographic abilities. As I predominantly do bridal makeup, I need makeup that has great coverage, looks natural in its finish, has staying power and is suitable to be photographed! Wedding photographers cringe if they have to spend hours editing bad makeup. Understanding all the necessary tricks to create the perfect application for bridal makeup is what a professional spends time perfecting and this why its important to seek out someone who specialises in bridal makeup when booking your own bridal makeup artist for your special day!!

So what was my verdict?? Well I think the proof is visibly here for all to see!

Verdict Overview

I was really impressed! Not only did it cover well, it photographed beautifully as well! I like bridal makeup to look as natural as possible without compromising good coverage and longevity! From a professional stand-point, you do need to know the correct amount of product to use to get this coverage correct as Inika liquid foundation is a lot lighter than other brands of foundation that specifically market the foundation at achieving full coverage, so for those who use this for just every day makeup would likely get a softer coverage.

What did I use from the Inika range?
  • Primer: Pure Primer
  • Concealer: Medium
  • Foundation: Liquid Foundation – Beige
  • Powder Finish: Loose Mineral Powder – Nuture
  • Eyeshadows: Coco Motion & Whisper
  • Eyeliner Water Line: Black Caviar
  • Eyeliner Underneath: Nude Delight
  • Lip Liner: Moroccan Rose
  • Lip Tint: Candy
  • Blush: Red Apple
  • Illuminator: Baked Mineral Illuminisor
About the Products Used ^

Primer:  Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid

A creamy consistency. What I did really like about this is that is added Hyaluronic Acid to aid hydration in the skin!

Concealer: Medium

Smooth, glided on easily and blended into the skin perfectly!!

Foundation: Liquid Foundation

This would typically be a light coverage, but for a professional photographic bridal makeup, foundation needs to be of a certain standard, so I did apply this heavier to the models face than when I would bet applying for just my day wear. It still looked natural even with a heavier application, applied well, blended well and the model also said it didn’t feel caked.

Powder: Loose Mineral Foundation

I chose to use a loose mineral powder over the pressed version as I wanted to allow the powder to slightly mattify the finish and to aid the coverage and finish I’d require for bridal makeup. This worked perfect to get the finish I would aim for when doing any bridal makeup knowing its to be photographed as makeup without good enough coverage for a wedding can make people look washed out or as thought they don’t even have foundation on!

Eyeshadows: Coco Motion & Whisper

I really like these two colours. I would generally work with pressed eyeshadows instead of loose as loose can fall everywhere, but at this stage Inika only do loose eyeshadows so I picked my two favourite tones for a natural bridal look and was pleasantly surprised. You can easily build the colour up to get a decent and more intense coverage, but you do just have to be careful not to drop particles over your face, so I suggest gently tapping the excess over the container before applying to your eyes!

Eyeliners: Black Caviar & Nude Delight

Black Caviar: I love the colour, but it does need plenty of building up on the waterline, so I suggest this one would serve better for around the upper and lower lids best.

Nude Delight: surprise with this one! It’s actually a lip pencil, but it has a beautiful goldie-brown reflect to it so I wanted to see if this would create a little bit of glamour to the lower lash line area & that it did!! It complimented the eyeshadow colours and it add some subtle highlight too. Tried this on myself under the eyes also and LOVE it!! So although it says “lip” pencil…its absolutely fine under the eyes like you can see below on the model. Didn’t smudge and hoping Inika find out how pretty this serves under the eyes!

Lip Liner: Moroccan Rose

I’ve used plenty of lip liners in my time as a makeup artist and this one was really easy to apply, didn’t clump and glided over for a good coverage.

Lip Tint: Candy

This is very sheer and nude in appearance. Glides on easy. I also tried on myself and it feels and smells lovely, but if your after a super tinted lip tint, this colour just adds a hint of colour only, so good if your just after a minimal makeup look. Over the Moroccan Rose lip pencil, it looked beautiful, so you could easily pair these two up together!

Blush: Red Apple

On first glance I wasn’t too sure about this colour as I focus on as natural as possible with bridal makeup…but this pleasantly surprised me! On it appears more a mid tone pink, but still really natural looking!