Did you know how much just the colour of your lipstick choice can change the entire look of your face?

Did you know how much just the colour of your lipstick choice can change the entire look of your face?

Here are two completely different looks and the only change to the makeup was simply the change of the lip colour and you have a new look!


How do you choose the right lip colour?

When choosing lip colours, you need to select ones that will compliment you skin tone and suit the look your trying to achieve.

Picking lip colours can be very daunting at times, they often look lovely in the stores, you then try it on at home and you find it doesn’t look half as good on you as it did appear it would in the store! All lip colours have different undertones, which generally you cant truly see until you put on and in the correct light.

My biggest tip is to ask a professional. If there’s someone available in a store or even book yourself in with a professional makeup artist so they can sit down and tailor a makeup lesson specific for you.

There are so many different finishes and types of lipsticks available these days, that knowing which sort you’d even like to try on or would suit you, can be a difficult choice too.

I do a lot of natural bridal makeup throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills and I personally find the creamier lipsticks work nicest to create a softer more natural looking makeup. When you want a deeper tone, just aim for one that will suit your skin tone also. Just because it looks good on your friend or in the magazine, doesn’t mean it will work on you.

Let’s say you like the purple tones. There are sooooooo many variants to every colour so its all about that right amount of depth to compliment your skin tone. I find for richer/deeper colours that matt or semi matt colours can work great when you don’t want to draw to much extra attention to the lips. The shiner the lips the more your eyes are drawn to them, so if you want a lot of impact you can go glossier or creamier deep shades, but generally its best to go towards ones that don’t have to much shine.

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Want to recreate the looks above?

If you want to recreate one of these looks, here’s a list of what I used and the link to the website to make it easier to check out the products used on the looks above.


ALL 100% Natural from the Inika Range (https://www.inikaorganic.com)

Foundation – INIKA’s: Liquid Foundation in Beige

Powder – INIKA’s Loose Powder Foundation in Patience (used all over) & then Trust over areas I wanted to do some contouring.

Cheeks – INIKA’s Blush – Rosy Glow

Illuminator (for cheek bone area) – INIKA’S Illuminator

Eyeshadows – INIKA’S Pressed Eyeshadows – (Outer Eye) – I used Choc (darker colour) from the Choc Coffee Duo Set, (Over The Eyelid) – I used Oyster (lighter one) from the Gold Oyster Duo Set, (Inner Corner) – I used Pearl from the Plum & Pearl Duo Set & (Blending Eyeshadow to Brow) – I used the Desert (lighter shade) from the Khaki Desert Duo Set

Lips –  INIKA’s LipsticksLook 1: Photo (right) – Dark Cherry. Look 2: Photo (left) Nude Pink